5 Kneeling Chair Benefits

Have you been experiencing severe lower back pain? If you have, then you know how uncomfortable it can get. However, the kneeling chair from http://www.kneelingofficechairs.com is here to your rescue. Designed judiciously to ease your pain, this chair has received a thumbs up from scientists who have carried out various experiments to determine its effectiveness. The essence of this chair is to align your spine thus alleviating your lower back pain and using this chair comes with a host of numerous benefits (Excellent article on how to setup a computer station). Let’s delve in to see what exactly this chair does for you.

Kneeling Chair Benefits

  1. First, it aids in eliminating or reducing lower back pain. Reducing the pain in your back will go a long way into helping you wok and sleep well. Statistics have shown that, sitting in the right stance can aid in immensely improving your working process.
  2. Secondly, you will attain fitter muscles in your calves and thighs. This may not be the primary objective of this chair but it comes as a bonus side effect. After all, who wouldn’t want perfect legs?
  3. Additionally, this chair comes in handy during pregnancy. Meant to alleviate back pain similar to that experienced by young mothers to be, with this chair issues of back pain will be long gone thus keeping you fit as you await your bundle of joy.
  4. Further to that, you will experience improved activity in your internal organs. Scientific studies have gone further to show that, these chairs aid in improved overall performance of your vital internal organs. The liver and the kidney become more efficient with continuous use of this chair.
  5. Finally, you will have less tension in your joints and tendons since, a kneeling chair will help improve your posture. With improved posture comes tension relief since the body is capable of carrying its own weight at the correct posture.

There are many more benefits you will reap from owning one of this chairs, suffice it to say, this chair will nurse you back to health in so many dimensions. Check out reviews on chairs at: http://www.kneelingofficechairs.com/kneeling-chair-reviews

Yoga Ball Office Chair

yoga office furniture ballOne of the most important, new pieces of office furniture is the yoga ball chair (visit site). Many office works are choosing to spend most of their time in one of these ball chairs during the day. This is why choosing a ball chair is directly connected to our health and with the right ball chair, most of the backache will go away over time. In this article, ball chairs are introduced as one of the best choices in the market for resolving back pain in the office.

A quality ball chair comes with an additional gym ball for abdominal exercises, encouraging you to take breaks to strengthen your abs and core muscles. The ball chairs put you in a position to align your spine to relieve your back pain. Although their health benefits are still questionable by some medical communities, the ball chairs have received many good reviews from the users who have experienced them.
An adjustable support bar, easy glide caster and air pump come with the yoga ball office chair for an amazing midrange price of $80 with free shipping from yogaballchairs.com which also has reviews.

Ball chairs can tolerate users with weight up to 300 pounds.

Benefits of the Ball Chair

Below are the top ten reasons to switch to a yoga ball office chair:

  1. It improves your sense of balance, as well as the reactions of your muscles.
  2. It’s a great workout method, you can do stretches and mini-workouts whenever you want.
  3. It improves your circulation – the ball will keep your blood flowing throughout your body.
  4. It forces spinal alignment, thus improving spinal health and decreasing back pain.
  5. It determines you to frequently change your sitting position.
  6. It helps you stay fit – it is thought that a yoga ball office chair helps you burn 350 calories per day.
  7. It tones you up and strengthens your abdominal muscles.
  8. It gives you a boost of energy throughout the day.
  9. It is relatively cheap, with prices starting from $15.
  10.  Last but not least, it is fun!